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If you are a professional limousine company, you can use Rent My Dream® as a completely free site for promoting your company and cars. 

Rent My Dream® cooperate only with professional limousine companies. 



A good photo says more than 1000 words. Make sure to put some good photos on the ad so customers can get a good first impression of the car. Maybe see some of the  other ads and get inspired.

When you describe the car then be honest and realistic and make sure that expectations match the description.
You also decide which contact information should appear in your ad. 


All customers have the opportunity to give a review and feedback of your car and the overall experience at the end of the rental. Please be sure that both your chauffeur and your car looks as good as possible on the day, and remember that customers are the best ambassadors, if you want new customers.


There is of course a difference whether the customer wants to rent an old military cruck, a strech limo or a brand new Ferrari. It's you as the car owner who determines the price. Rent My Dream® has no influence on the pricing of the car rental advertised on the website.
Usually the minimum rental period is 2 hours. Long term rentals can be arranged from event to event.
When you make a agreement with a customer, then remember that time of rent is from when the car is leaving home until the car is back in the garage again. Therefore, you must always calculate the travel time into the total rental cost. Make it clear if you want the customer to pay a deposit.
It's a good idea to get the agreement in writing, for example by mail between the company and the customer, so that there may be no misunderstandings. A written agreement, describing the appointment details and extent, also provides better assurance that both parties agree in the contract.


What if the vehicle fails on the day?
Be aware that many especially classic cars may not be 100% reliable. Is your car is a classic car then be sure that your customer is aware of it. Maybe you have access to another backup car?
Remember to give the customer a notice in advance if you anticipate problems on the day for the event.


If the car does not turn up as agreed, without cause or notice, the customer usually give Rent My Dream® a message so that we can ask you, as the car owner, what went wrong. We always have the option to remove the car from our website by several complaints of no show.

The above text is only meant as advice to help you with the planning of your rental. Rent My Dream® is a communication site between owners of special cars and customers of these. Rent My Dream® do not assume responsibility for the communication between owner and customers. Rent My Dream® assumes no financial or legal responsibility of the rental agreements between the car owner and the customer, the use of the reserved vehicle, vehicle condition, defects or damages.