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Terms and conditions for use of


1. Preamble

1.1 For rental or lease of vehicles through RENTMYDREAM.COM hereby accepted by the website's users that the rental is in accordance with these terms and conditions.
1.2 RENT MY DREAM® offers an online service with advertising opportunity for professional Limousine companies (hereafter referred to as Owner) through which these can provide limousine service to customers (hereafter referred to as Renter) for different occasions or events.
1.3 The owners put their vehicles for rent and available for any Renter. Rent and availability should not be understood so that the Renter can drive the vehicle alone but only use limousine service carried out by the vehicle Owner or one of its drivers.
1.4 RENT MY DREAM® is in the relationship between the Renter and the Owner only an intermediary company, why this can not be made liable for the service, see. Section. 8.
1.5 Regardless of what may be specified in the Owners terms and conditions, order confirmations, etc., it is the present conditions which apply between the parties.
1.6 RENT MY DREAM® and RENT MY DREAM's partners communicates offers from consumers and professionals on cars, other goods and services. Tenderers are independent of RENT MY DREAM®. Tenderers are independently responsible for the setup and content offerings, customer service and delivery of the goods and services they offer for sale. RENT MY DREAM® is not responsible for the formulation of the tenderers' offers, customer service or delivery of goods or services.


2. Commencement and duration

2.1 The present conditions apply from the time the owner has announced his or her vehicles on RENTMYDREAM.COM.
2.2 If the owner wants to stop announcing his vehicle or vehicles on RENTMYDREAM.COM the provisions of these conditions always stays for owner until all bookings respect to the discontinuing owner has been met.
2.3 All bookings and outstanding amounts are the the owner's responsibility and any refunds or actions thereof, are to be made, must be performed by the owner and the owner's expense.


3. The performance and service

3.1 The Owner has the right to make necessary changes in benefit levels to comply with any applicable law or safety. Are necessary changes made by the owner, he must without undue delay inform the tenant accordingly.
3.2 Owner guarantees that the service will be provided in full compliance with the terms of this agreement with the tenant.
3.3 Owner guarantees by accepting these terms, that he in connection with his use of RENT MY DREAM's benefits do not:
• will create ads, unless the owner has a real advertising and sales intent of the announcement and only create a free display ad per car,
• would violate applicable law, including consumer contract law, consumer law, contract law, marketing law, copyright law and trademark law,
• infringe the rights of third parties, including copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights,
• copy, modify or distribute the whole or parts of RENT MY DREAM ´ s website or its content, copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights, without RENT MY DREAM ´ s prior written approval.
• will use or encourage others to use any kind of robot, robots, scrapers or other automated means to access the RENT MY DREAM ´ s services and collect content for any purpose, without RENT MY DREAM ´ s prior written approval.

• will establish a link to RENT MY DREAM ´ s websites in such a way that or content on appears on other websites (regardless of whether it is possible to see that the data/content originates from, including by embedding in the form of iframe techniques or equivalent,

• will distribute viruses or any other technologies that may harm or users of RENT MY DREAM ´ s interests or property,

• will encumber RENT MY DREAM ´ s infrastructure unreasonably or interfere with the operation of the,
• will circumvent measures employed to prevent or limit access to RENT MY DREAM ´ s services
• will distribute or include spam, chain letters or pyramid schemes,
• completely or partially will copy, modify or distribute other people's/advertisers content
• will collect and use information about others, including e-mail addresses, to anything other than replying to his letter without their consent, or
• would violate the provisions of these conditions or act contrary to the spirit of these terms.It made abundantly clear that the owner must obtain all necessary consents/licenses from third parties before RENT MY DREAM ® is asked to create content.

4. RENT MY DREAM's commitments

4.1 RENT MY DREAM ® shall try to ensure that the service is available at any time for the owner and tenant. RENT MY DREAM ® strives to deliver the best possible operation and rectifying any problems as soon as possible, but RENT MY DREAM ® does not provide any form of profit and loss of guarantee.
4.2 RENT MY DREAM® have the right at any time to change the functionality, including removing and adding real functionality of the system and make the technical changes and changes to RENT MY DREAM's systems and services to RENT MY DREAM®, without it constitutes a breach of RENT MY DREAM's commitment to the consumer.
4.3 RENT MY DREAM® can not be held liable to the owner or tenant in the event that service is not available.
4.4 RENT MY DREAM ® cannot be held liable for the owners or tenant's defective or wrong information.
4.5 RENT MY DREAM ® can neither be liable towards the owner, if third-party software may cause an invalid booking.


5. Owner's obligations

5.1 The owner advertises their available vehicles that are fully legal and in conformity with the laws and regulations of the country in which they are used.
5.2 The owner is responsible for uploading vehicle data to the service, including vehicle specifications and images.
5.3 The owner warrants that all the information given in accordance with paragraph 5.2, is correct, and that the owner's vehicle (s) complies with all applicable regulatory requirements, including proper registration, statutory insurances, legal device with respect to braces, etc. It is also the owner's obligation to update any changes in the information provided.
5.4 If the owner imposes on itself, the vehicle, the renter, third man, animals or property damage, since the owner is obliged to keep RENT MY DREAM ® harmless in all respects, without prejudice, clause 8. The list in this section should not be considered exhaustive.

5.5 the owner make any representations that this or his chauffeur is not influenced by alcohol, drugs or medication during the execution of the service, just like the owner or its driver is obligated to observe any security measure and legislation before and during the benefit payable.

5.6 If a booked vehicle had to be out of reach, is the owner obligated to inform the tenant without delay. If it is from the owner's side is possible to ask another vehicle available in substantially the same condition and in substantially the same standard at no additional cost to the owner, this offers bearings, unless it would impose unreasonable costs the owner. This is not a possible or suitable solution is the owner obligated to refund the tenant the full amount that may be paid as agreed deposit or prepayment.

5.7 in the event that a booked vehicle crashing while driving, is the owner obligated to provide tenant a fair compensation. RENT MY DREAM ® cannot be held liable thereunder.

5.8 By changes, delays or similar conditions, which may have an impact on performance, is the owner obligated to, without undue delay, to inform the tenant thereon.

5.9 The Owner undertakes to contact the tenant within a reasonable time after the booking is made through the service, in order to discuss the service closer with bearings.

5.10 The Owner shall ensure that this or its driver wearing appropriate attire during the execution of the service.

5.11 Owner is obliged to carry out the service with a freshly washed and cleaned vehicle.

5.12 Owner is bound by the booking, unless weighty reasons speak against it. Owner must inform the tenant stayed without undue thereof.

5.13 Owner warrants that the content owner creates on RENT MY DREAM ´ s services does not violate any laws and will not infringe rights of third parties. This is true regardless of how the creation of content is done. RENT MY DREAM ® undergoes not the content owner creates in order to ensure that it does not infringe the rights of third parties or its legality in General. This is the only owner's responsibility.

5.14 The owner has the burden of proving that your content creation of RENT MY DREAM ´ s services will not infringe rights of third parties and shall immediately on RENT MY DREAM ´ s request, provide proof that all necessary consents/licenses are obtained.

5.15 Owner shall indemnify RENT MY DREAM ® for any loss which RENT MY DREAM ® may incur and replace any cost, including reasonable costs to advisers who RENT MY DREAM ® may incur as a result of a third party claiming that the content created on RENT MY DREAM ´ s services infringe his right or contrary to law in General.



6.1 Price for rental of the vehicle is calculated on the basis of hourly or long-term rental.

6.2 Price of rent is determined by the owner.

6.3 Performance of rent by owner can be set to have a duration of at least 2 hours.

6.4 Owner must ensure that all information relating to prices on rent in the service is correct.

6.5 Payment of rent is to be paid directly to the owner of the vehicle in accordance with its terms. RENT MY DREAM ® cannot be held responsible for the tenant's failure to pay, and any costs in connection with extrajudicial debt collection must only be borne by the owner.

6.6 All VAT, tax and tax conditions for the owner is irrelevant to RENT MY DREAM ®

6.7 Announcement of vehicles at RENTMYDREAM.COM is free.

6.8 RENT MY DREAM ® is at any time entitled to change the settlement methods and price size without warning, and RENT MY DREAM ® can therefore inter alia. change its prices temporarily, for example, in connection with promotions or new services.

6.9 If RENT MY DREAM ® requires payment of a benefit which the consumer wants to use, will the consumer prior to the final acceptance of the purchase of the service, get the price (incl. VAT). If the consumer does not pay, can RENT MY DREAM ® limit the consumer's ability to use the services. If the consumer pays by credit card, cash in advance or otherwise, can the consumer's payment be subject to a fee, which the consumer will be notified when the customer making the payment.

6.10 Certain services provided by RENT MY DREAM ®, are covered by the law on contracts concluded with consumers. This law gives the consumer the opportunity to undo the purchase of services, carried out via the Internet within 14 days. The right of withdrawal shall lapse, however, when the consumer allows a service to perform. Consumer consent to the performance of RENT MY DREAM ´ s services are initiated immediately after the purchase, and the consumer's right to withdraw from the purchase expires, therefore at this time.

6.11 If you want to complain about the setup of your ad, the complaint must be made to RENT MY DREAM ® no later than 24 hours after the creation of the ad.


7. Renters cancellation of booking

7.1 Cancels the renter a booking, owner is not entitled to compensation from RENT MY DREAM®.


8. Limitation of Liability

8.1 The owner is obliged to keep RENT MY DREAM ® harmless against any obligation, cost, expense, damage and loss – including, but not limited to, direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of profits and loss of reputation.


9. Force majeure

9.1 If one of the parties due to force majeure is unable to meet its obligations under the conditions, not be considered default.
9.2 It is the responsibility of the party seeking to invoke force majeure, without undue delay, to inform the other party about its formation and termination.


10. Termination and breach

10.1 All parties are required to comply with the terms and conditions of use of RENTMYDREAM.COM.
10.2 In the event of a significant breach of the terms and conditions of the owner can RENT MY DREAM ® without further notice delete any information which the owner may have made available via the service.
10.3 In case of deleting of ads due to not following the rules, the owner is not entitled to compensation or refund.


11. Assignability

11.1 No owner is entitled to transfer its obligations without prior agreement with the Renter
11.2 RENT MY DREAM® are entitled to transfer rights and obligations to a related company.


12. Terms Changes

12.1 Changes of these terms are only valid when they are adopted by the parties in written form.
12.2 Had one or more terms of this conditions be declared invalid, the other terms which have not been declared invalid continue.


13. RENT MY DREAM® intellectual property rights and rights to content

13.1 All intellectual property rights related to RENT MY DREAM ® and all rights to RENT MY DREAM ´ s services, including graphics, special adaptations, modifications and the like, belongs to RENT MY DREAM ®. The consumer/owner does not have the right to let third parties in whole or in part, copy data from RENT MY DREAM ´ s products, including from
13.2 The consumer/owner gives – when the consumer/owner creates content on RENT MY DREAM® a worldwide, unrestricted, royalty-free, irrevocable and transferable right to change and produce copies of the whole or parts of the content, including data, text and pictures. RENT MY DREAM ® can make use of this right, for example, storage and display of ads, as well as for marketing purposes.
13.3 The consumer/owner gives in addition, RENT MY DREAM ® the right to prevent and penalise third party copying or unjustified use of whole or parts of the content created on RENT MY DREAM ´ s services, including in cases where there is total or partial copying of RENT MY DREAM ´ s services or services to which that content is migrated.
The consumer guarantees, to be eligible to give RENT MY DREAM ® the above rights. Nothing in these terms limits the consumer's/owner's rights to use the content, including data, text and images, he or she creates on RENT MY DREAM ´ s services.


14.Governing Law and Jurisdiction

14.1 All disputes arising in connection with these terms shall be settled in accordance with Danish law.
14.2 Disputes shall be judged by the Court of Aarhus, Denmark