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Car Talk
Car Talk

Car Talk

08 September
One need not necessarily to be a gearhead to be fascinated by Route 66 in the US. A Highway known from many movies and countless photos with abandoned gas stations and old cars from the 50´s. A time warp back to the days when Cadillac dominated the…
If you are in the United States near Las Vegas, and at the same time have a passion for sports cars, you may not miss a visit to Las Vegas Motor Speedway just outside the city. At this place there is a good opportunity to drive really…
Rent My Dream visited Classic Race 2015 in Aarhus, Denmark, where we, in the exhibition area  found the danish MG club and had a talk with the owner of the oldest registered MG in Denmark. The car, a red two-door 1930 MG M-type boat tail, speedster, belongs…
Several car rental companies who have luxury cars in the garage such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, offers beyond ordinary day's rent also short-term rentals of super cars. Going to Italy, and would you like to drive through Rome in a Ferrari, then you now have the opportunity…
Cars in the cityscape is the best time indicator according to Merete Pallesen from "Den Gamle By" in Aarhus. A danish Open-Air museum, best translated as "The Old Town". If you visit the museum when the lokal Veteran Guild comes by and park's their classic cars in…
Patrol cars at LAPD only runs five years of active service, after which they are sold with all the cars equipment. As the Los Angeles Police Department chose to take this patrol car from 2004 out of active service and sell it, the car ended in Stenløse,…
02 April
Why do people join car clubs? Over the years I have spent many years of my marriage to convince my wife on the need to own a Porsche. I explained to her all the economic advantages that exist by investing in a classic car, "-they could only…