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24 May

1930 MG M-Type Boat Tail

Written by 

Rent My Dream visited Classic Race 2015 in Aarhus, Denmark, where we, in the exhibition area  found the danish MG club and had a talk with the owner of the oldest registered MG in Denmark. The car, a red two-door 1930 MG M-type boat tail, speedster, belongs to Danish Jorgen Poulsen, who is also founder of the MG club Jutland, back in 1973.

The car has serial no. 679 and was built in Oxford before production in 1930 was moved to Abingdon. The body is designed in ash wood and covered with fabric, which is almost comparable with nappa. Poulsen explained that the ash tree was chosen because it can handle the torsion in the body when driving.

mg4When he bought the car in the late '90s, it was separated in poor condition and was far from complete. He had to buy, among other things, a new body and new screens in the UK, in order to restore it back to original condition. New seats were custom-made by a company in the Netherlands and today the car stands, after many hours of work in the workshop, completely intact and detailed as when it left the factory.


MG M-Type was presented to the public for the first time at the London Motor Show in 1928. The model was built in the period from April 1929 until 1932. When the first open M-type was built it cost 175 GBP in England. 


With a weight of just 500 kg and equipped with a four cylinder engine, offering 28 hp, the car, fitted with a three-stage gearbox, can achieve a top speed of 65 mph (105 km/h).



Jørgen Poulsen dont count how many hours he has spent on the restoration, but adds with a smile, that it is a lot. The result is a beautifully restored rare car. At the exibithion in Aarhus many visitors had to stop and get a car talk with the car's proud owner, who for the occasion wore typical contemporary clothes from when the car was new.