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28 April

Rent a Ferrari in Rome, Italy, with a discount

Written by 

Several car rental companies who have luxury cars in the garage such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, offers beyond ordinary day's rent also short-term rentals of super cars.

Going to Italy, and would you like to drive through Rome in a Ferrari, then you now have the opportunity without spending all your money.

Rent My Dream collaborates with the Italian company Fun Supercars, which specializes in the rental of Ferrari in Rome, so you now through us can book a rient and drive a Ferrari with a discount.

The company offers various tours with different prices, duration and content.

The tours are all built with a different focus, but with the common thread of luxury and exitement.

Prices start at only € 100 and you can choose between several different tours such as .:

Test Drive Adrenaline

You drive yourself a Ferrari California through Rome with a professional instructor at your side to show the way.

Test Drive Relax

A relaxing ride where you sit in the passenger seat of a Ferrari with a professional driver behind the wheel that takes you around the streets of Rome.

Both Test Drive Adrenaline and Test Drive Relax can be booked for 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Ferrari Drive and Shopping

A five-hour trip in Rome where you drive on a shopping trip to Castel Romano Designer Outlet in a Ferrari. The tour is divided into 2 hours driving and 3 hours of shopping with 10% discount.

Test Drive Exclusive

Here you drive through Rome and finish the tour with a relaxing visit to Luxury spa near the Piazza Navona.


Read more about the different tours and prices of Fun Supercars website:

If you book through Rent My Dream you get 10% off the retail price.

Contact us today and get a quote on the trip that you would like and let us help you to an experience in Rome that you never forget.