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08 September

Route 66

Written by 

One need not necessarily to be a gearhead to be fascinated by Route 66 in the US. A Highway known from many movies and countless photos with abandoned gas stations and old cars from the 50´s. A time warp back to the days when Cadillac dominated the roads and where service stations was more than just a place where you could buy petrol for your car.

Route 66, or Historic Route 66 as the road is signposted many places, are worth a detour to see, if you are on a road trip in the USA. Originally, Route 66 was a busy mainroad through the country, and the motherroad of all roads, until one day overnight someone drew new lines on a map and built new more direct Highways across the United States. With one stroke all the small communities along the highway and numerous service stations had to close because of the many cars who now stayed away.

r661Today many cherish about the historical, and Route 66 has been given new life. Not as a main thoroughfare as before, but as a popular tourist destination. When planning your trip through the United States, it is advisable to look at the map and plan some part of the trip down Route 66.

Rent My Dream chose to drive along Route 66 from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas, where we drove from I40 by the city of Seligmann and from there on at the Historic Route 66. Seligmann is the essense of the Route 66 spirit with abandoned service stations on both sides of the road.

Old signs, such as Texaco, Esso and Coca Cola, stands faded in front of old shops that today are selling souvenirers, sodas and burgers. Are you still not entirely convinced that the spirit from the 50´ stil is alive and well, you can turn on the car radio and tune into the Route 66 canal where music is played from the road's day of glory.R665

At several places along the road you can see the iconic abandoned service stations and rusty car wrecks in front of a house or an abandoned motel.

The trip continued through Peach Springs and we stoped at one "must see", the old service station Hackberry General Store. When you follow the road, you cant miss it. In front of the old petrol pumps, you see a parked Chevrolet Corvette from the mid fifties surrounded by authentic Automobilia, rusty car wrecks and old mannequins. There is so much to look at, so be prepered for the many tourists who also stopped to look at the place. Inside you can buy souvenirers and refreshments. If you need to visit the mens room, you will see that they obviously have old Playboy pinup photos mounted on the walls.



Behind the shop you will find an old garage converted into a small car repair shop museum sorrunden by old car wrecks. If you are in this area, do stop at this place and enjoy the Route 66 charm.

We left Route 66 in Kingman, but we will never leave the old Highway completely. We will always have the impressions with us from the many places, where we saw the road's greatness and history.


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