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Ferrari California

If you need a stretch limo, an exciting car, a sports car, another special car with a chauffeur, for ex. limousine service, wedding services, confirmation services, party services and other events, or perhaps a military vehicle, we have the cars at Rent My Dream®.

We have everything from American cars, limousines, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, buses and military trucks.

You can easily find a limousine abroad when using our foreign sites to find what you want.


Car ads. 

The primary advertising on Rent My Dream® is car ads, where you as a professional limo company can post free advertising of cars for limousine services for use in ex. weddings, airport service, films, events, exhibitions, photo shoots or other events.

Please note that in some countries it is required that the car is approved to passanger transport and that the driver has a professional driving license.

Announcement of a car is free.

We only work with professional limousine service companies.



There are opportunities to buy banner advertising on our sides.

Please contact us for more information about your options. We can help you with banner setup and advice on campaign options .


The following standard banner sizes are available:

930 x 180 px 

 engelsk banner rmd

300 x 250 px

rmd lille